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portfolio management innovation product selection利赢彩票登录地址注册

Manage your product portfolio, then innovate! 利赢彩票登录首页地址

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Did multiplying the number of new products really helped you retain your loyal consumers or attract and convert new ones? No? Well, don’t blame your design teams. No matter how well they can develop products, they still need project managers to take the right decision on the products to develop.

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Batch sheet generation and management利赢彩票登录地址注册

How to make incorrect batch sheets 利赢彩票登录网址平台

By 利赢彩票登录线路地址 | Cosmetic and Food Software利赢彩票登录网址 | No Comments利赢彩票登录娱乐官方

After spending weeks and months designing the perfect product, it would be unfortunate to miss the transition to the production stage. And that can be done quite easily by not giving enough attention to the batch sheets. Let’s see the main failure reasons and how to cope with it.

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FMCG suppliers retailers collaboration software利赢彩票登录网址

Collaboration between FMCG suppliers and retailers as key to success 利赢彩票登录ios注册

By 利赢彩票登录app代理 | Supplier Relationship Management利赢彩票登录 | No Comments利赢彩票登录网址

As consumers grow more demanding, retailers need to ensure products are available at the right time, through the right channel and at the right price. While it seems collaboration between retailers and suppliers has existed forever, it has become more essential for success.

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Improving your new product development and reducing your time to market 利赢彩票登录首页地址

By 利赢彩票登录检测地址 | New Product Development and Innovation利赢彩票登录官网手机 | No Comments利赢彩票登录代理首页

Product development is a complicated and time-consuming process that can be completed better and faster with the right organisation. But, every problem has a solution. See what tools Lascom can give you to build a strong foundation for better product development.

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Change management and PLM利赢彩票登录平台ios

How to optimize change management process with PLM software? 利赢彩票登录官网手机

By 利赢彩票登录娱乐官方 | Formulation and Recipe Management利赢彩票登录在线官方 | No Comments利赢彩票登录ios注册

The consequences of a misguided change can be serious: thousands of unusable packaging, a failure to comply with regulations, and in the end a large amount of funds lost.

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PLM ERP integration : softwares利赢彩票登录安卓版

PLM ERP – Why Do You Need to Combine Them? 利赢彩票登录官网手机

By 利赢彩票登录线路地址 | Cosmetic and Food Software利赢彩票登录地址注册 | No Comments利赢彩票登录

PLM and ERP are complementary software that works together to ensure the success of a product. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) comes first by managing the product development and its processes. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manages the supply chain including the inventory, pricing, and payments. These are used sequentially to provide the most up to date product data at any time.

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Labeling requirements : software利赢彩票登录代理首页

US: What are your labeling requirements for food products? 利赢彩票登录官网手机

By 利赢彩票登录安卓版 | Cosmetic and Food Regulations利赢彩票登录客户端地址 | No Comments利赢彩票登录在线官方

When it comes to prepacked food, its labeling can be as complex as either its pack development or its manufacturing process. Indeed, wherever it may be sold, prepacked food is subject to very strict regulatory requirements, notably regarding food information to consumers. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the labeling requirements in the light US standards.

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Eine Idee haben利赢彩票登录在线官方

Best practices to avoid slowing down innovation processes 利赢彩票登录网址

By 利赢彩票登录app代理 | New Product Development and Innovation利赢彩票登录官网手机 | No Comments利赢彩票登录安卓版

Whatever the food and beverage segment, a product is often changing. Change is the rule not the exception. Companies innovate constantly; even “best-sellers” need updates to remain profitable. Launching a new product or going to new markets require companies to take many things into account such as documentation, ingredients, labeling, supply, regulations or safety.

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What is an ingredient statement?利赢彩票登录

What is an ingredient statement? Zoom on the US and European requirements 利赢彩票登录代理首页

By 利赢彩票登录网址平台 | Cosmetic and Food Regulations利赢彩票登录网址平台 | No Comments利赢彩票登录app代理

Ingredient statement (or ingredients list) is a mandatory section for packed food labels in most international standards. Its aim is to inform the consumer about the food composition. In Europe, the regulation N°1169/2011 defines the requirements related to this ingredients list. In the US, the section 101.4, Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) specifies how ingredients must be designated.

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Reduce time to market利赢彩票登录检测地址

How to reduce time to market? 利赢彩票登录首页地址

By 利赢彩票登录手机官方 | New Product Development and Innovation利赢彩票登录 | No Comments利赢彩票登录网址

In food companies, products change quickly, as well as the number of competitors in the market. Innovation is important to develop and manage a coherent product portfolio that meets the ever changing consumers’ trends!

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